Winterize Engines

Outboard – 2 stroke – $95.00
Outboard – 4 stroke – $125.00
Sterndrive 4-cylinder, parts & labor – $210.00
Sterndrive 6-cylinder, parts & labor – $220.00
Sterndrive 8-cylinder, parts & labor – $225.00
Winterize: Water systems / Water heaters / Toilets – $25.00 each.

Shrink-Wrapping Boats

(Vents and mildew preventative included on most shrink wraps)

Boats up to 20′ – $16 per ft. (bow riders and cuddys)
Pontoon Boats – $16 per ft. (all lengths)
Aft Cabins / small cruisers – $17.00 per ft.
Jet Skis and small jet boats – Call for quote.
Zippered Shrink Wrap Access Door – $25.00

Batteries are left in boats and disconnected unless other arrangements are made.
Hull plugs are removed and will be placed inside the boat.
When possible, all engines are reassembled in order to make spring start-ups easier, but the boat owner is responsible to check fluids and install the hull plug. If there is any doubt regarding the spring start-up procedure, we can assist you.
Before we shrink wrap your boat, you should remove as much gear as possible in order to avoid mildew of wet anchor lines, dock lines, life jackets, etc.

Winter Boat Storage

Outside winter storage is now available for $10.00 per foot, ONLY when combined with our winterization and shrink wrap services.

Haul-Outs and Blocking

On shop trailer and unload at marina on blocks – $100.00
On owner’s trailer – $50.00

Bottom Washing

$12 per ft.
Boat cleaning / detailing – Call for quote.
Transporting – Call for quote.
7% NYS Sales Tax not included in Fees shown above.